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100% PURE Bulgarian ROSE Essential OIL OTTO Lema Kazanlak

PURE Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil Otto Rosa Damascena

Natural PURE Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil Otto Rosa Damascena.
10ml is 100% pure in a Glass Bottle. 
For more than 40 years LEMA Kazanlak has been working in the area of ethereal oil production. As for the volume of production, it is unlikely that they are one of the top ten in the industry, but as for the level of quality, they do their best to keep to the highest position. It's not only our long experience that helps us. It's also the fact that they live and work in the heart of the Rose Valley - where the soil, the climate, the air and the water are the best for the growth of the Oil Roses and for the production of the unsurpassed Bulgarian rose oil (otto).
LEMA have their own plantations and production facilities. New Distillery and Rose plantation are located in the southern industrial zone of Kazanlak, on the right side of the road Sofia - Bourgas only 1600 meters south of the Grand Hotel Kazanlak. We produce mainly: rose oil (otto), rose water, lavender oil, other ethereal oils, different types of perfume essences, embroidered traditional clothes, and many other souvenirs related to the roses and the Bulgarian way of living. LEMA products can be seen in almost every souvenir store in Bulgaria. We export mainly rose and lavender oil, rose water and others to Europe, Asia and America.


100% Natural Rose Oil (Otto)
It is extracted from the Kazanlak Rose/Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena Mill) by water-steam distillation. 1kg rose oil (Otto) is obtained from about 2,000,000 fresh flowers.
CONDITION: NEW sealed 10ml bottle in original package.
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